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Our Presses

In addition to more than sixteen hydraulic presses of various sizes, Continental Forge also can offer the unique capabilities of 5,000- and 6,000-ton units and a companion 500-ton side cylinder for exceptional parts needs. With the aid of creative modifications and superior parts design, these presses at Continental Forge today are producing parts which others might produce only with much larger or more complex equipment. For parts with wide cross-sectional areas, such as those used in aerospace and commercial areas, big press capabilities are required to meet big needs. With their state of the art facilities and equipment, Continental Forge can deliver that capability. Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to Continental Forge to satisfy the entire spectrum of their aluminum forging needs. Continental Forge: Heavy Duty Press

Equipment Listing

6000 Ton Hydraulic Press HAAS VF-3 4-Axis CNC Mill Machine (7)
5000 Ton Hydraulic Press HAAS VF-9 4-Axis CNC Mill Machine (2)
3500 Ton Hydraulic Press Bridgeport Milling Machines (6)
2500 Ton Hydraulic Press Lathes (4)
2000 Ton Hydraulic Press Drill Presses
1000 Ton Hydraulic Press (7) Complete die sink/repair facility
400 Ton Hydraulic Press FEMCO Veritcal Bore Machine 40" x 50" x 60"
500 Ton Side Cylinder
350 Ton Hydraulic Press  
CMM (Cordax Model RS-220 DCC) 
CMM (Cordax Model RS-70 DCC) 

CAD/CAM Hardware and Software capabilities

Continental Forge uses the tools of Total Quality Management to achieve a level of excellence in the forged product. This commitment places Continental among the first forgng suppliers to offer end item production. Some of the leading edge methods used today at Continental Forge include:

Just-in-Time/Scheduled Delivery (JIT/SD)
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
Computer Assisted Design/Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
Concurrent Engineering (CE)

3D Solid Modeling and drawing interpretation: Solidworks, Siemens NX, CompareVidia (IGES/STEP file validation), and FormatWorks (with Catia v5 import module)

2D CAD drawings: AutoCAD

CNC Software:

MasterCAM including Mill and Lathe packages)

Layout Software:

MeasureMax CMM
Polyworks Metrology

With the various software packages, Continental Forge is able to read in various types of files such as IGES, STEP, Unigraphics, Pro/E and Catia v5. We are also involved in the Digital Product Definition accreditation process and have been approved by Boeing and Lockheed since 2011.